The Sound of Silence

Premier League clubs are unwilling to answer questions regarding their Asian betting sponsors and partners.

By Lars Johnsen

Following the publication of the article The trillion-dollar gambling game, an 18-month investigation about Asian betting sites and their partnerships with Premier League clubs, Josimar asked eleven Premier League clubs about their relationship with ultimately foreign-based, overwhelmingly Asian betting operators. A list of these clubs and of their e-Gambling partners can be found at the end of this article.

We asked ten clubs to reply no later than Friday 20 August. In the case of Leicester City, we asked for a reply on Tuesday 24 August.

These are the questions we put to them:

Josimar magazine is looking at the relationship between Premier League clubs and Asian e-Gambling platforms, which, in your club’s case is: X

How did you enter this partnership? 

Were you approached by X directly, by a ‘white label’ company, or by a different UK agent?

How long has this partnership been in place for, and when is its term?

X is ultimately owned by foreign-based/Asian shareholders. Do you know who they are?

Have you sought to establish their identity? If yes, who are they? Have you sought to establish whether they were suitable ...

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