The monster with a thousand faces

Asian betting brands are omnipresent in European football. In reality, most of them are owned by a handful of super-bookmakers, hiding their identities and huge cash flow.

By Philippe Auclair

New evidence unearthed by Josimar shows that the Asian betting partners of some of Europe's biggest clubs, including Real Madrid, Inter, Chelsea and others, are all linked to a single company, BOE United Technology Corp. The Asian bookmakers which finance elite European football are in fact interchangeable commercial identities used by a few illegal super-bookmakers, all of this with the complicity of some of world football's most prestigious names.

It has long been suspected that the hundreds if not thousands of illegal betting brands which target the Asian market were not companies operating separately, but iterations of a handful of 'whales' which used multiple identities to better disguise who they were - and where the billions, tens, hundreds of them, went.  These brands did not compete against each other. Quite the opposite, they complemented each other. They were ultimately one and the same thing, a means to stay a step ahead in a cat-and-mouse game played with watchdogs and law enforcement agencies. As soon as one brand attracted too much attention from regulators, it could morph into another. All it took was a change of name and a data transfer, which was the affair of an instant, and could be planned long in advance, to be activated when required. The actual owners would remain in the shadows, unattainable and unknown.

Hiding In Plain View
What was missing was proof that these suspicions were founded. This is no longer the case. As Josimar has found, the behemoths were hiding in plain sight. All companies, even...

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