The earthquake

The Isle of Man has been a safe haven for betting companies, many of them partners of Premier League clubs. Last week police raided several companies and this unprecedented action has sent shockwaves throughout the gambling industry. 

By Philippe Auclair

It was about 06:00 on Wednesday 24 April when an unmarked police car carrying officers from the Isle of Man constabulary parked at the back of 33, Bucks Road, Douglas, the current head office of "Asian-facing" online sportsbook and casino company King Gaming. Photographic evidence seen by Josimar shows one of the officers taking part in the raid climbing up a ladder and forcing his way through a first floor window, whilst another stands by a back door which had already been broken down. According to an eye-witness account, another six police vehicles and "a big evidence van" later arrived at the Buck Road premises.

A building with a number on the front

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King Gaming's office on Bucks Road, Douglas, Isle of Man.

The scene was repeated at the same time little over a mile away on Victoria Road, where sources told Josimar King Gaming was believed to use a former branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland to house some of their foreign staff. Seven individuals were arrested during the operation, who were later released on bail, whilst "a number of people" were said to be "the subject of immigration inquiries". The police later explained that the raids ha...

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