The Crystal maze

NET88, Crystal Palace FC's main sponsor for the next two Premier League seasons, is an illegal Vietnamese betting operator appearing to offer gambling on blood sports and stream live sex on its social platforms.

By Philippe Auclair and Andy Brown

"Special event of the year: live sexy xy with many attractive codes, gifts, and the undressing of a special girl. Click 'like' and follow the article to receive the live link tonight. #net88 #sexy #event". Can't miss it"

This announcement was posted on NET88's official Facebook page at the end of March. It wasn't the only one of its kind. Another one, posted a couple of days later and since deleted, read "So NET88's recent lightning live stream didn't disappoint you, guys, right?", to which someone responded: "just watched my sister having sex and was given a code to play games at NET88". A total of 479,000 people had apparently joined the session at one point or another, with a peak audience of 18,000. 

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