Greek tragedy

Matches in Greece involving clubs under suspicion of match fixing continued to be offered for live betting over the last season, as the country’s authorities failed to take action over a sensational report making allegations of widespread corruption in the Greek game.

By Steve Menary

Last July, a report by Interpol and Eurojust, the EU Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation, said that an illegal betting ring involved 18 unidentified clubs: five played in Super League 1 during 2022/23 and the other 13 in Super League 2.

The Greek probe is believed to have started after Europol and Interpol busted a match-fixing gang in Spain, Andorra and Gibraltar and found connections with Greece. A separate ongoing investigation in Belgium is also understood to have found links to Greece. There are other match fixing investigations and cases ongoing elsewhere in Europe, such as Austria. In April 2023, the Greek sports show ‘I Diki sto Open’ on private TV channel OPEN claimed that Austrian authorities had evidence of match-fixing in Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia and Czechia.

After the Interpol report was delivered to the G...

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