Another day in paradise

Evidence suggests that Aston Villa and Burnley FC's official Asian betting partner operates from one of the most notorious cyber slavery compounds in Cambodia. 

By Philippe Auclair

Whoever came up with the name "Victory Paradise" had a dark sense of humour. True, the Cambodian resort which bears that name can appear attractive enough, if on the gaudy side, when looking at online listings and advertisements. Google reviews are by and large positive, with an average score of 4.3/5. But the Victory Paradise Resort and Casino is not just what it purports to be, a luxury place to stay – and gamble – in Sihanoukville, Cambodia's answer to Macau. It is also notorious throughout the whole region as a cyber crime centre which was exposed after one of its many victims, an ethnic Chinese Malaysian called Tan Ban Kheng, managed to escape from it and told his story to the media.

A pool with trees around it

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The Victory Paradise Resort and Casino as it looks on online advertisements and listings

Tan's story was picked up by Vice in a ground-breaking investigation which, together with another

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