See you in court

The latest of several lawsuits filed against 777 Partners makes startling new claims about their business model, and a claim for damages sheds new light on managing partner Josh Wander at a time when the Miami firm is losing key personnel and facing a widened investigation into its finances.

By Paul Brown and Philippe Auclair

Josh Wander of 777 Partners is no stranger to lawsuits, and once, in sworn testimony, even admitted: “I’m sued a lot.”

That is certainly the case right now, as Josimar has reported on the growing number of lawsuits filed against Wander and his company which continue to make their way through the US courts.

The latest of these, filed just this week in Miami by a former employee seeking damages for unpaid salary and bonuses amounting to 1.8 million dollars, accuses 777 of developing “a dubious reputation throughout the finance world”, of being “more interested in the appearance of being a successful enterprise” than “executing a sustainable business model” and of amassing “massive debts.”

But perhaps it is the case where Wander himself is quoted at the beginning of this piece that we should deal with first, as it offers such a colourful window into his world.

In July of 2021, Randy Gelber filed a debt collection lawsuit against Wander to recover 150,000 dollars of damages to an apartment he had rented to 777’s managing partner.

As a result, Wander gave a deposition on the case, which is still listed as pending in online court records, where he is taken through the exact allegations made against him.

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