Josh Wander is the co-founder and the public face of multiple club-owner 777 Partners.

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Clubs they own and sports leagues they are involved in are at risk of insolvency, but 777 Partners seem determined to invest big money in Everton. Should recent problems encountered by Standard Liege, the BBL, and football clubs in Peru have fans worried?

By Philippe Auclair and Paul Brown

This article was updated on Sunday 18 September at 15:12 CET with amendments and responses from 777 Partners.

“Is there anyone in the world that’s been more serious about buying football clubs in history than Josh Wander?”

This question was put by Josh Wander himself, channeling his inner Michael Jordan, in a recent interview given to the Financial Times. As anyone who is aware of the existence of the Abu Dhabi United Group and the City Football Group will know, Wander's claim should be taken with a large pinch of salt. The boast had one merit, however. It showed the extent of his combativity (*), at a time when the privately-owned investment fund he co-founded and is the public face of, 777 Partners LLC, finds itself embroiled in multiple court cases and controversies, as detailed by Josimar a few weeks ago, and at a time when rumours of 777 making a bid for a share of Everton FC are gathering pace again, despite the dire financial situation every single one of their other fully-owned clubs are in today. 

Yet Wander is looking at raising "a few hundred million" in debt and equity to fund 777’s football activities which could all do with substantial investment if any of the clubs concerned is to survive, Standar...

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