City of dreams

Qnet, an official partner of Manchester City since 2014, has been implicated in human trafficking investigations, and faces ongoing allegations that it is a Ponzi scheme which contributes to suicide and financial ruin.

By Andy Brown

“I sold my shop to raise money so I can register with Qnet, after a good friend introduced it to me,” says Abdul*, who worked for Qnet for one year. “I didn’t ask him much as I trusted him, but he was not given the correct information about the company. They say they pay workers 225 US dollars per week and offer a free Visa to any part of the world, but after putting your money in, you find out that these are empty promises.”

Abdul’s picture from a QNet house he stayed in during 2021.

Abdul says he worked for Qnet in 2021, under the impression he would become rich if he followed the company’s instructions. He introduced two friends to the company. One sold his car and took out loans to invest in Qnet and the other sold his land. Abdul now plans to emigrate because he is ashamed of the financial damage he has caused to his friends and family.

Abdul is not alone. For Adapa Aravind, two years with Qnet landed him with debts totalling 28,900 US dollars. In 2019, the 31 year old hanged himself. His father told the police that he had become depressed due to the losses he had accumulated,

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