The integrity partner facilitating Brazilian match-fixing

Unregulated betting operators are using data from Sportradar, the same company tasked with protecting Brazilian football from match-fixing. The Brazilian Government has called for Federal Police to open an inquiry into fixed in-play events in Brazilian football. 

By Andy Brown and Jack Kerr

If you planned to earn money from fixing football matches, how would you do it? Would you pay a team of players to lose a game and if so, in which division? What if it were possible to pay a single player to get booked or concede a penalty in a lower division game?

In-play betting means that not only can you bet on whether there will be a booking or penalty in a game, you can also bet on which period within the game it will happen. In some countries, such in-play bets are possible not only in the top division of football, but all the way down the divisions to the amateur level.

Having paid a player to get booked, would you place your bets with a regulated operator which is required to report suspicious events to regulators? Or would you use a poorly regulated operator which has no such reporting requirements?

Operation Maximum Penalty
The Brazilian government has asked the federal police to investigate, after prosecutors in the Goiás region of Brazil reported 16 people for manipulating 13 matches last year. 

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