Entering The Matrix via The Midlands

Using models posing as directors, football’s latest betting sponsor has concluded deals with major clubs and leagues. This enables its owners to hide behind a myriad of companies, licensors and brands.

By Andy Brown
Additional reporting by Philippe Auclair and Jack Kerr

Fierce Midlands rivals, separated by the River Trent. But linked by deals with a mysterious Asian betting partner, which neither Premier League club has made a formal announcement to confirm. 6686.com's rapid partnerships with Leicester City, Nottingham Forest, Lazio and a number of other leagues and clubs is the latest illustration of just how out of control football’s relationship with the betting industry has become. 

Josimar has discovered that 6686 is linked to 8XBet, which last year agreed a partnership with Premier League champions Manchester City. As Josimar reported, 8XBet’s CEO hid behind a stolen avatar and was supported by a marketing company that only had one client – 8XBet.

Want to convince people that your gambling brand is legitimate? Hire a model to front the deal. The Mail on Sunday found that ‘Jasmine’ had posed as a company executive in order to announce 8XBet’s deal with Manchester City. History has repeated itself. Models posing as company executives were also used to promote 6686’s deals with Leicester City and Juventus.

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