The missing link

Josimar has found new evidence which shows that TGP, the Isle of Man company which provides UK gambling licences to Asian betting partners of a number of Premier League clubs, is intimately linked with the Suncity Group of Alvin Chau, the suspected triad member who was recently jailed for 18 years for fraud and gambling offences in China.

By Philippe Auclair

The photo used for this article is the only known publicly accessible picture of Charles Horng Cherng Hwang, a Singaporean citizen who, these days, sits on the board of DFNN, "a leading I.T. solutions provider and systems integrator" which operates from Taguig, one of the main financial centres of the Philippines. Hwang also acts as a 'Head of Development' for a Singaporean gaming company called Dynamite Games Pte. Ltd. 

His one claim to fame would normally be that he is the brother of Emily Hwang Mei Chen, a prominent socialite, the Vice-President of the Asian Couture Federation and the wife of multi-millionaire businessman and "seasoned gambler" Mark Yong Khong Yoong, a name which is connected with multiple offshore companies.

But Charles Hwang used to be more than Emily's brother, Mark's brother-in-law and one of the directors of a little-known if prosperous Singaporean tech company. Charles Hwang is the missing link which proves that, as long suspected, Isle of Man company TGP was established as a subsidiary of the Suncity Group, the business owned and run by casino billionaire Alvin Chau, who was recently sentenced to 18 years in prison for multiple gambling-related offences by a Macau court.

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