brigitte henriques entourée de noel le graet (à droite le président de la fff) et gianni infantino (à gauche le président de la fifa)

Supporting the perpetrator

President of the French olympic committee (CNOSF), Brigitte Henriques, is accused of not taking action towards sexual abuse during her time as head of women’s football and vice president of the FFF. Josimar can reveal that she openly supported a senior officer convicted for sexual harassment.

By Romain Molina

This is my priority to be able to fight against this scourge. We must stop it and not only in sport, but also in society in general.” Interviewed by Europe 1, an important radio station in France, Brigitte Henriques publicly answered questions regarding sexual abuse and harassment within the FFF. 

“When I started [as head of the olympic committee], I appointed an exceptional ambassador in Catherin Moyen de Baecque who is one of the first victims to have won her case. Since then, she has travelled all over France and she’s requested everywhere to speak.”

During her interview, Henriques defended herself and the French Football Federation (FFF) after she admitted that one of the coaches at Clairefontaine, Angélique Roujas, was indeed fired for abuse. “It shows that there was no will to bury anything, especially on my part”, she said.

Following Josimar’s investigation into FFF and FFF president Noël Le Graët’s cover-up of cases of sexual abuse spanning 40 years, including abuse of underage players, Josimar has obtained documents that show Henriques fully supported Jacky Fortepaule, another member of FFF who was found guilty and recei...

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