More than a betting operator

Russian-owned betting company 1XBet has been declared bankrupt and owes millions. Yet it still operates, using porn stars to attract punters, and is a partner of FC Barcelona. It expanded into Ukraine, but was recently banned for its support of Putin’s war machine.

By Andy Brown and Steve Menary

1XBet owes millions of euro in unpaid taxes and winnings according to a court case being brought against the controversial online betting company. The Russian-owned operator has also been booted out of Ukraine after providing false information to its gambling regulator, and a pledge to donate 1 million euro in humanitarian aid to the war-torn country doesn’t appear to have arrived.

In addition, information discovered by Josimar indicates that 1XBet is using a porn star to promote its services. And that porn star is also promoting 1Win, a gambling service targeting India that bears remarkable similarities to 1XBet. Both online gambling and pornography are legally questionable in India. 

Despite previously being declared bankrupt by Curaçao, the Russian company agreed a three year deal to become the French Ligue 1-club Lille’s African betting partner last month. It also sponsored the SBC betting summit i...

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