“You have to give sex to become a Fifa referee”

At least six female referees have accused Rodolfo Sibrián for sexual harassement and sextortion. Despite the allegations, Sibrián is still a Fifa certified referee instructor at the El Salvador FA (FESFUT).

By Romain Molina  

"It's a shame. These people are shameless. They don't care about us, they don't care about our well-being. Each time we tried to report it nothing happened. We're without hope in a way. FESFUT, Concacaf, Fifa, no one is taking action. I know some of the girls that just wanted to play football. Others just wanted to referee because we love it, we love football. But in these conditions, I mean, I won't give sex or be dating someone for a career. But that's how these people think. They think they can do what they want with us because the system they built is protecting them. We're living in a tough country, a violent one. Justice can be complicated to obtain, especially for women. They're taking advantage of it and getting away with it.”

She is one of the referees that over the years have accused Rodolfo Sibrián for actively using his position to get sex in exchange for being appointed referee for domestic and international matches. She is talking to Josimar on the condition of anonymity. 

“The case of Vilma Montes was dreadful. She got no support from the federation. They protected Sibrián, who's now back at FESFUT. They're so proud of it. That makes me sick."

Vilma Montes is a former Fifa referee and one the top female referees in El Salvador. In August 2017 she sued the former vice-president of the referees' commission, Rodolfo Sibrián, for sexual harassment. Sibrián is one of the most experienced re...

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