FIFA in the dock

New information suggests that FIFA decided to “normalise” the newly elected board at the Trinidad & Tobago Football Association after just two months. If this indeed turns out to be the case, Gianni Infantino could face real trouble.

By Philippe Auclair

In other words, this would be proof that FIFA's decision to 'normalise' the TTFA had been taken before the governing body had any elements at its disposal to evaluate the performance of the new administration, and been able to establish its incompetence or worse. To the TTFA's administration, this would amount to a confirmation that this decision had been politically motivated, both as a punishment for the usurpers of the previous regime and as a means to regain control over a turbulent FA which had made it clear from the word 'go' that it intended to investigate how a $2.5m FIFA grant had been - in its eyes - dilapidated, with FIFA turning a blind eye to the misuse of its money. It would make FIFA's position untenable.


High Court
The email from Trinidadian barrister Matthew Gayle dropped in Alexandre Gros’s and Sofia Malizia's inboxes mid-afternoon on 19 May. They were advised, as was FIFA's litigation service, that an order had been served on them in the case that the Trinidad & Tobago Football Association (TTFA) had opened against the governing body at the T&T High Court of Justice.

"Kindly note that the claimant is making a claim against you in the court", they read." If you do nothing judgment may be entered against you

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