His name is Luka

When Josimar first started composing an annual list of the top 50 players in the world back in 2011, one of the driving ideas behind the concept was a strong antipathy towards lists.

By Lars Sivertsen

That might sound absurd, but there is an explanation: The list in itself, we figured, would probably not be particularly interesting. The business of ranking individual performers in a team sport has always been an iffy one. But the process through which we arrive at the list, now that could be very interesting indeed. If we gather a small jury of intelligent, insightful and erudite football connoisseurs, supply them with food and drink, and have them spend several hours arguing over who the best 50 players in the world are, and why, the ensuing discussion should throw up a number of interesting points about the game, how we see the game and what we value in players. Hopefully the end result will also be a list of names which will fuel further discussion among our dear readers. And also, if we're lucky, we might just have some fun along the wayRecently described by The Guardian as a “Soho institution that lends itself to old-school, but discreet debauchery,” The French House is an obvious and ideal venue for a summit of this sort. It was taken over by one Victor Berlemont in 1914, and Berlemont is thought to have been the first foreigner to be granted a full English pub licence. The pub was then known as the York Minister, a name under which it continued to trade for manNEW decades, but to its patrons it was only ever known as “the French.” This was presumably due to Berlemont's stewardship of the premises, though he was in actual fact Belgian. Since 1914 The French House has only ever had three landlords, which in its own way says a lot abou...

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