FIFA’s convenient U-turn


  After Josimar asked FIFA about the eligibility of Tomaž Vesel, the new Chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee, they simply changed the rules overnight. By Pål Ødegård, Håvard Melnæs og Andreas Selliaas As Josimar revealed last week, the new chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee at FIFA, Tomaž Vesel, was a member of the Youth Committee of the Slovenian FA from 2011 until appointed by FIFA this summer. This is a clear violation of FIFA’s own rules on eligibility for chairpersons of its independent committees. Last Thursday Josimar asked FIFA several questions about why FIFA’s Review Committee had ignored article 5 of their governance regulations when assessing Tomaž Vesel. According to the Slovenian, who now chairs the important Audit and Compliance Committee, tasked with overseeing that good governance is applied and reforms realized at the scandal-ridden organization, he informed the Review Committee that he had been a member of the Youth Committee at the Slovenian FA from 2011, and its Deputy Chairman from 2014 until accepting his current position at FIFA. This is a clear violation of Article 5 of the governance regulations, which states that any chairperson or deputy chairperson of an independent committee cannot have held a position at national or confederation level under the FIFA umbrella in the last four years. We checked with Ludovic Deléchat at FIFA’s legal division to make sure this was correct. He confirmed to Josimar on Friday that this was correct, and that there were no exceptions to this rule. Josimar asked FIFA about why Mr. Tomaž...

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