Was Tomaž Vesel ineligible as chairperson of the Audit & Compliance Committee?

vesel In July FIFA appointed a new independent chairperson of the Audit & Compliance committee – Tomaž Vesel from Slovenia. Josimar are in possession of documents that proves Vesel was ineligible for this position. By Pål Ødegård, Håvard Melnæs and Andreas Selliaas FIFAs Governance regulations article 5.1 clearly states that any “chairman or deputy chairman of its independent committees cannot have hold any official function at a national or confederation level, including the four years previous to initial term”. Josimar checked with Ludovic Deléchat at FIFAs legal division. Josimar:  “Is it correct as it says in the Governance regulations article 5.1 that a chairman and deputy chairman of the Audit & Compliance committee cannot have been a committee member within the four years before chairing an independent FIFA committee?” Deléchat: “Yes, that’s correct.” Josimar: “Are there any exeptions to this rule?” Deléchat: “None whatsoever.” Josimar can reveal that the new chairman of the Audit & Compliance Committee, Tomaž Vesel, has held an official role at the Slovenian FA (NZS) from 2011 and until recently this year. From 2011 until 2014 he was a member of the Youth Committee, and in 2014 he became deputy chairman of the same committee at NZS. The latter function he held until he was appointed as the new chairman of FIFA’s Audit & Compliance Committee. Key position The chairman of the Audit & Compliance Committee a...

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