Was the UEFA loan spent on the stock market?


During the summer of 2015, UEFA granted the Slovenian Football Association a loan of four million euro. Strict conditions applied, however: Money must be invested in football. According to the annual report of the Slovenian FA, 3,6 million euro of the funds were probably spent on buying shares in the company Sportna Loterija. By Håvard Melnæs, Jan Jensen (Ekstra Bladet), Pål Ødegård and Andreas Selliaas Translated into English by Lars Johnsen UEFA is an organisation of substantial income with a two billion euro turnover in 2014/15 and the European football governing body's surplus amounted to 30 million euro. In recent years, UEFA has become a quasi-bank for some of the smaller, less well-off nations. Total lending from UEFA to its member associations reached 29 million euro in 2014. One year later and it had almost doubled, with 54 million euro being lent. The Slovenian FA is one of the financially weakest in Europe. In 2015 the Association’s turnover was roughly 17 million euro. The Football Association of Norway, in comparison, had a turnover of about 110 million euro the same year. Infantino and Čeferin During 2015, the Slovenian FA took out two big loans: Three million euro from Russia's biggest bank, Sberbank, and four million euro was borrowed from UEFA. Sources at UEFA tell Josimar that loan applications usually follow the same pattern; a President of a member association cont...

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