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kjetil-siem Kjetil Siem claims he has lobbied for Aleksander Čeferin for over two years, on instruction from the former President of The Football Association of Norway. Both may be in breach of the Association's rules. By Lars Johnsen Over 21 pages of the newest edition of Josimar, we tell the story behind the race for the Presidency of UEFA. Kjetil Siem, Director of Strategy to FIFA President Gianni Infantino, has actively worked to have the relatively unknown President of the Slovenian FA, Aleksander Čeferin, elected as the head of European football. The four biggest Nordic football federations were the first to endorse Čeferin. As pay-off, according to several independent sources, the Nordics will be given hosting rights for the European Championship Finals, either in 2024 or 2028. The President of the Swedish FA has been promised a place on UEFA's Executive Committee. Siem has this week replied to the allegations in various news outlets. He dismissed any suggestions of foul play, though he has revealed that he has been lobbying for Čeferin for more than two years and that he has done so on instruction from Yngve Hallén, the former President of The Football Association of Norway (NFF). Hallén's tenure as President ended on 29 February this year. During those two years, Kjetil Siem was Secretary General of the NFF. "That is a breach of the rules of the NFF", sports lawyer Gunnar-Martin Kjenner tells Josimar.

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