Blogg: Sašas «Tour de France»

Zlatan Tekst Sasa Ibrulj After five days in Paris I have to admit Bordeaux looked like a holiday resort. Compared to Paris, everything is much more relaxed and it just makes you feel better. It is a fantastic place, the place to be in France, especially if you are in to food. I think those small sideway streets have more restaurants than the whole Oslo centre. What I did not expect in Bordeaux was to have fun at the stadium. It was never meant to be a classic, that Austria vs Hungary match, or as we've called it - K und K derby. But, Hungary was tactically brilliant and - at least for a brief second - I thought there was a proper reason they prevented Norway from being here. That was just a split second, of course. Norway should be here, mind this fantastic half an hour by Hungarians. A second day in Bordeaux, the first one without matches, was the first time I've had a chance to meet some French people. But I did not. The bar where I sat and watched France game was proper local bar, with people there obviously being regulars - they were all kissing cheeks whenever someone new would step in. I wasn't the only outsider paying 6 euros for a beer; there was this American couple. They actually did not look like a genuine couple; it more sounded like they've just met. Anyways, He was pretending He understands the rules "of this lovely European game" - feel free to imitate the accent - while She was completely uninterested in His random "oh, that was some good defending" and "what a brilliant save" comments. Bordeaux has been wonderful, but it is time to move on. While I am writing this, I am already in Lyon. It's not like media center is packed - it's England-Wales in Len...

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